Pre Care


A complete check-up is designed

for early disease detection,

preventative care and managing

risks. Zuha Royal Medical Panel

provides thorough physical,

laboratory and organ examination

and review using the latest

medical technology.

Each examination is performed

and explained by top specialists

from their specific

field. After your check-up you

can travel home feeling relaxed

and assured regarding your

health status.




Zuha Royal Medical Panel will

review reports provided by

your personal physican. Based

on the given information, our

Medical Panel considers every

aspect of your case according to

international guidelines.

Further procedures are then

prescribed dependent upon final

case analysis. If treatment is

required we will provide you with

a detailed therapy plan including

full details on facilities and

specialists along with a complete

cost quotation. Upon arrival to

your treatment destination, Zuha

Royal Medical Panel will confirm

your diagnosis and investigate

your current state of health before

starting your treatment. A Zuha

Royal Medical Ambassador will

engage and guide you through

your treatment.


Post Care


Zuha Royal Medical Panel will

arrange all PostCare necessities.

Your first priority after treatment is

recuperation; in order to achieve

full recovery Zuha Royal offers

you a complete rehabilitation

program including follow-up calls

and therapy. PostCare can be

arranged in the treatment city or

in other locations.



Premium Program

Premium Program
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