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Our Goal
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Your doctor can diagnose

you and administer precise

treatment only when you

are completely candid

and disclose all the facts.

Provide your doctor a

list of all prescriptions

you are currently taking,

along with how long you

have been taking them

and the strength of each

medication. Lastly, do

not be afraid to ask your

doctor questions. It is

Important to communicate

with your doctor if you do

not understand somthing,

or are unclear about any

aspects of what he or she

has told you. The ultimate

goal is for both you and

your doctor to improve

your health.

Our Goal

A good doctor-patient relationship is an essential component

of the quality  of care you receive. It is vital that you discuss

your complete and accurate health history with your physician.

Be frank with your doctor. Not being honest about your current

symptoms could waste valuable time and prevent you from

getting the best care.


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